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We build high-quality custom homes to provide shelter, safety and comfort for you and your loved ones

Bergsagel Construction Inc

Bergsagel Construction Inc Logo

Bergsagel Construction Inc Logo

Bergsagel Construction Inc Logo
Riverside Retreat Photo
Riverside Retreat

Located on an old dairy farm, this custom home has quality construction and design written all over...

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Bay View 2 Photo
Bay View 2

This custom home is complimented by its neighbor (Lavigne 1) and has many of the same features. The...

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Bayview 4 Photo
Bayview 4

The scope of work for this project was adding a garage near the front door, converting the lower garage...

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Cedar Ranch Photo
Cedar Ranch

The exterior of this northwest style home showcases the natural stonework, natural logs and cedar...

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What we do?

We Build Quality

We build high-quality custom homes to provide shelter, safety and comfort for you and your loved ones.
Our Company
Bergsagel Construction Inc. is a highly qualified group of caring people that find enjoyment in helping other caring people accomplish their construction goals.
Our Mission
To interact with and serve our clients well while building them a high quality product that fits their needs.
We Love
Building our clients dreams into reality and seeing the smiles on their faces.
Who we are and what we do

Get to know us better.

We take pride in building our family legacy of BCI Homes just as much as we take in building your new home, one step at a time.
The foundation of our company is service. Not just in action but in attitude. We work for you as if we were building our own home. Our company maintains...
  • Strong Personal & Family Values
  • Building Relationships with Clients
  • High Quality Construction No Matter the Budget
  • Craftmanship Built to Last
  • Good Relationships with Quality Subcontractors
  • Delivering a Strong Product to You
We're Good At

Custom Built Houses

This is our bread and butter. Construction of Quality Custom Homes is what we do.
architecture design
We have relationships with some amazing architects and designers that fit any budget. 
Kitchens, bathrooms and large additions.
Lighting and functionality is key in your home and project. It sets the mood and lights your path. We work with trusted pros to bring your custom design to life. 
wood work
From rare and exotic woods to pre-primed MDF, our trim and window casing work helps our finish product shine.
We work with some of the best painters in the industry to deliver the look you planned for.
Beyond the attractive sinks and shower heads you choose for your project are the pipes and valves professionally installed by industry experts work with great plumbers

Bergsagel Construction Inc: Let us build your home!

We build your dream!

Meet Our Team

The Bergsagel Team

Kent Bergsagel
(425) 346-8825
Joel Bergsagel
(425) 772-7532
Nate Bergsagel
(425) 772-7540